Behind the lens of VHP is a coffee and dream driven mama of two. I love the ocean; thrift stores and I am unstoppable with a hot glue gun. I grew up walking distance from the salty water, a mermaid at heart. I relocated to East side of the mountains about five years ago. While nothing compares to having my feet in the sand, I am quite smitten with Northern Idaho and all the beauty it selflessly offers. Also, the bearded love of life was hiding over here. Who would have thought? We love adventures almost as much as we love hanging out in the backyard with our chickens.

The majority of my childhood our living room had a wooden shelf that stretched to the ceiling, filled to the brim with aged bottles and trinkets. Each one being chosen by my mama to fill those shelves. Watching her breath life back into forgotten items she collected had a huge impact on me as a little girl. It stemmed my love for all things vintage. Some of my fondest memories include all of us squeezing in Grammy’s Honda on a Saturday morning, scouring the Daily World for the garage sales hiding in our city. Never knowing what you might come across. Decades later, grabbing a coffee with my mama. My little ones in tow, begging for every broken toy we came across, and grandma buying them. Spending hours laughing and joking while we visit all three thrift stores in town. 

My love for vintage items delightfully spills over into my passion for photography. The creations of Vintage Heart Photography incorporate items from my past, as well as items collected from various thrift stores. I love the idea that each item lived an entire journey before finding its home with me.